Free Service


With new bikes Purchased from Cross Over Cycles for a period of two years.
Check and adjust Gears Cables
Check and adjust Brake cables
Check and adjust Pads and Disc Rotors
Lube Chain and check for wear
Check head stem
Check all bolts
True wheel in bike
Basic clean wash

Quick Tune Up


Suitable for bicycles in good condition or as a first service for a new bike purchased from another store
Performed in our fully equipped workshop
Adjust front and rear derailleur
Check chain and brake for wear
Adjust front and rear calliper brakes
Check and inflate tyres
Complete safety check
Written report

Standard Service


This service is recommended every 6 – 12 month depending on the Km’s or use.
Check and adjust gears front and rear derailleur
Check gear and brake cables
Check chain and cassette wear
Inspect Bottom bracket and head set
Check wheel and spot true rim on bike
Adjust calliper brakes and inspect for wear
Check tyre wear and inflate to recommended pressure
Lubricate all moving parts
Safety inspection
Written report
This package does not include service on hydraulic disc brakes.




    Other Services:

  • Replace Tube
  • Replace Chain rings/Crank set
  • DI2 Diagnostic Check / Update
  • Box Bike For Shipping $50
  • Straighten or replace derailleur hanger
  • Replace Bottom Bracket
  • Gear Service
  • Build Boxed Bike $50
  • Fit new tyre
  • Replace Headset
  • Rim Brake Service
  • Wheel Build per Wheel (Parts not included.) $50
  • Fit Component
  • Wheel True
  • Hub clean service
  • Frame Build $120
  • Replace Wheels Scooter
  • Fit New tubeless tyre and sealant
  • Headset Service
  • Replace Frame from $120
  • Replace Bolts Scooter
  • Remove and fit new Bar tape
  • Fit Bottom Brackett
  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed $50
  • Replace Brake Scooter
  • Fit Mudguards
  • Tubeless conversion (Per Wheel)
  • Hourly Rate $70
  • Dial Scooter
  • Fit Front Derailleur
  • Crank / BB Service
  • Bike Fitting $70
  • Replace scooter bearings
  • Fit Computer
  • Rear Suspension Service (Parts not included.) $60
  • Replace Grips
  • Replace Grip Tape Scooter Includes Removal of old grip tape
  • Replace Bars or Forks Scooter
  • Replace Pedals
  • Fit Training wheels
  • Replace Chain
  • Fit pannier Bag
  • Wrap handle bar tape
  • Gear Adjustment